Month: October 2015

I’m a footnote in history, or of history, or about history

Sometimes it’s fun to compile all the places I see my name pop up, like in footnotes or quotations. It’s a nice way to procrastinate from writing another chapter of the book manuscript.

I’m probably proudest of being a footnote on Wikipedia. The series of articles I wrote for Points in 2012, that were then published on the Atlantic, remain a neverending source of footnote amusement. For example, I’m footnote #23 in Wikipedia’s article on “Drug User,” and I’m footnote #10 in “War on Drugs.”

I also noticed that my review in the journal American Studies was quoted on the Amazon page for Suzanna Reiss’s (excellent) book We Sell DrugsAnd I was super psyched to see myself cited twice in Adam Rathge’s great article “Pondering Pot,” which was published in the OAH magazine The American Historian. 

I think that’s all for now, but being cited like this gives me a real sense of happiness, of feeling like I’ve maybe actually contributed something to the wider world of literature and scholarship on les drogues. Naturally, since Wikipedia changes a million times a day, I’m sure I’ll be removed immediately for noticing. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.