Month: June 2016

The 30th Anniversary of the Death of Len Bias

It’s hard to believe, but this Sunday, June 19, will mark the 30th anniversary of Len Bias’s death. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Thomas Bonanno, editor of the website Celtics Live, to see if he could use segments of the post I wrote last September about visiting Bias’s grave in Suitland, Maryland, in a thirty-day series leading up to the anniversary of his death. Of course I said yes.

I really like what Bonanno did, comparing my thoughts on Bias’s grave to the more flashy and extravagant tombs of other Celtics players who have passed. You can check it out here.

And, as a brief update about the book, I’m still writing! My editor at Basic has already reviewed the first ten chapters and liked them. Now I’m finishing up the second half of the manuscript. I will (I WILL) meet my August 15 deadline, even as I get deeper in to my third trimester and the little boy inside of me decides to do backflips every afternoon while I work. A fall 2017 publication date is in the works.