Media Appearances

March 17, 2017: I was interviewed by Maia Szalavitz for her article on marijuana and moral panics on VICE.

July 22, 2016: Grassroots was previewed by Publishers Weekly for its article on books about marijuana being released in Fall 2017.

October 13, 2015: I was interviewed on OAH’s Process blog about my dissertation, marijuana activism, and what you can do with a PhD.

October 5, 2014: I was on the History Channel’s new documentary, “Hooked: Illegal Drugs: Marijuana,” which debuted earlier this month.

July 22, 2014: I was interviewed by Richard Leiby for the Washington Post and appeared in his article, “The lonely lot of the anti-pot crusader

October 31, 2013: I appeared on INSTANT RESPONSE TEAM, a program on Meredith Vieira’s LIVES YouTube channel, to discuss women and marijuana reform, based on my article on the Atlantic‘s website from October 28.

January 11, 2013: I was interviewed by the American History Guys on BackStory for their show, “All Hopped Up: Drugs in America.”

This program, distributed by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, was broadcast on NPR stations across the country.

I was also invited to the annual conference of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Los Angeles, in November, 2012, to speak on a round-table about the history of marijuana in the United States. “75 Years of Cannabis Prohibition in America” was an hour-long discussion with Keith Stroup (NORML’s founder), experts Mitch Earleywine and Dale Gieringer, and me. The panel was moderated by NORML executive director Allen St. Pierre.

I was honored to be asked to speak about the parent movement and their impact on America’s drug laws to a 200-person audience that included travel icon Rick Steves. I met him afterward, and Rick Steves is a very cool guy.


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